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Thunder Nicotine Pouches

Thunder nicotine pouches Thunder nicotine pouches
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Thunder nicotine pouches bets on mint

Thunder nicotine pouches is a brand with several popular products in its range. They focus on strong nicopods with high nicotine content and awesome mint flavours. Do you think frosted, freeze and cool mint sound appealing? Then you should definitely try Thunder nicotine pouches. Here you will experience mint that both cools and cheers you up. Thunder nicotine pouches are manufactured in Denmark by V2 Tobacco, a company owned by Sweden's largest snus manufacturer Swedish Match.

Contributing to a smoke free world

The products from Thunder nicotine pouches are completely tobacco free and perfect for those who wants to quit smoking and stop using tobacco. Nicotine pouches have grown in popularity over the recent years, and this can be linked to the fact that many people have stopped smoking and switched to a smoke free and tobacco free alternatives. Using nicotine pouches instead of cigarettes means that you do not expose yourself or anyone else around you to dangerous cigarette smoke. This is why many people choose Thunder nicotine pouches or any other brand on the market.

Many users also experience a much fresher feeling in their mouth by quitting tobacco, which can, for example, discolour your teeth. Tobacco contains substances that can pose risks to your health, risks that you completely avoid when you switch to using nicotine pouches. When Swedish Match bought V2 tobacco in 2017, they told us that the acquisition was another step in the right direction towards a smoke-free world, "a world without cigarettes" as Swedish Match's vision reads.

Thunder nicotine pouches Max Black

A unique product from Thunder nicotine pouches is their Max Black. These portions comes in the largest format from Thunder nicotine pouches and have a content of 1 gram, hence the name Max. The name Black comes from the fact that the pouches are completely black, adding an all-black nicotine pouch under the upper lip gives a unique feel to the user experience. Max Black comes in an exclusive gold and black design, which enhances the feeling that this is something special.

The nicotine level of Thunder nicotine pouches Max Black is 15.5 mg/g which is classified as strong, and the large format pouches that hold extra content make the product perceived as extra strong. An intense experience of nicotine mixed with a icy menthol taste, combined with herbal notes that enhance the flavour. The other five products in the Thunder nicotine pouches range comes in white cans with a text in frosty colours. The portions are in slim format and weigh 0.8 grams.

Pick and choose among mint flavours

Thunder nicotine pouches Cool Mint Slim is the mildest in the range. Here you have a nicotine level of 13.75 mg/g which classifies as strong. Read the product description before ordering from Thunder nicotine pouches or any other brand, to use a higher nicotine level than you are used to can create a feeling of discomfort. In Thunder nicotine pouches Cool Mint Slim has a smooth and slightly sweet taste of peppermint. According to many, these are perfect everyday nicopods.

The remaining four flavours in the range from Thunder nicotine pouches have a high nicotine level of 16.25 mg/g. They also have slim pouches that are discreetly placed and comfortably under the lip without sliding around or attracting attention. One of these flavours is Thunder Frosted. Here you will experience an icy cold and intense combination of menthol and spearmint. Thunder Frosted cheers you up and awakens your senses.

Spearmint, menthol and eucalyptus

Thunder nicotine pouches Deep Freeze are similar to Thunder Frosted, but instead combines menthol with eucalyptus. This gives the nicotine pouches even more power compared to Thunder Frosted Slim. You are filled with an aromatic taste of eucalyptus that dares you to take the plunge, and if the nicotine in your Thunder Deep Freeze won't wake you up, the menthol and eucalyptus will.

For those who are looking for something more than just mint there is also really awesome Thunder Dark Frost. Dark Frost of course has a frosty and refreshing taste of mint, but beyond that, an unexpected surprise of red berries hits you. Here comes a sharp one, sweet and icy taste of high quality that Thunder nicotine pouches made really well. Dark Frost is a carefully crafted mix of mint and red berries and also maintains a nicotine level of about 16 mg/g.

Fresh and crisp citrus

In Thunder nicotine pouches Citrus there are no mint flavours, here they have instead resorted to a another trick to wake you up, namely citrus. Thunder Citrus offers a taste of fresh, lively and tangy citrus flavours of high quality. An invigorating taste that is suitable for a hot summer's day or a cold winter's day. In the range of Thunder nicotine pouches they offer mint, mint in combination with red berries, and pure notes of citrus. The products are available at SnusMe and we hope that one of these flavours will suit you.

V2 Tobacco in Denmark

The company V2 Tobacco that manufactures Thunder nicotine pouches was started 2006 in Denmark by brothers Marc and Patrick Vogel. Demand for their products grew rapidly and in order to meet the demand they moved to their current premises in Silkesborg, which is today one of the most modern snus factories. Previously, V2 Tobacco produced Thunder snus, a classic snus containing tobacco. But as the market moved more and more towards tobacco free nicotine pouches, the brand was changed to Thunder nicotine pouches, a completely smoke- and tobacco free product.

In 2017, V2 Tobacco was acquired by Swedish Match. Denmark is Swedish Match's third home market where the company wants to help people stop smoking, and minimise the harm that dangerous smoke can cause. In Sweden and Norway, the use of cigarettes have already been significantly reduced since the population switched to smokeless products, such as snus and nicotine sachets. With its commitment, Swedish Match hopes to contribute to this in Denmark, through products such as Thunder nicotine pouches.