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White Fox Nicotine pouches

White fox nicotine pouches White fox nicotine pouches
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White Fox nicotine pouches with essential oils

Something that both burns and cools, thats how you can explain the very popular White Fox nicotine pouches that are completely free from tobacco. The products have a high nicotine level and focus on high quality mint flavours. White Fox nicotine pouches work with essential oils that add that little extra to the taste and nicotine experience.

The range of White Fox nicotine pouches consists of carefully selected products. Mint flavour dominates and will challenge your taste buds. All White Fox nicotine pouches products are completely tobacco-free and have a high nicotine content. In the assortment you will find pouches in two different sizes, both normal and slim format. Here we tell you more about the five flavours Peppered Mint, Black, Double Mint, Full Charge and Original.

Who uses White Fox Nicotine Pouches?

There are two types of snus users. Those who have used their favourite snus every day for many years, and those who prefer to try new varieties every week. What do you recognise? If you like to follow adventure and try new flavors, we definitely think you should give White Fox nicotine pouches a chance. Those who have fallen in love with White Fox nicotine pouches strongly like, tobacco-free snus!

White Fox nicotine pouches are known for their strength with a nicotine level of 16 mg/g and upwards. Snus with a nicotine level of between 12 mg/g up to 16 mg/g are generally classified as strong snus. Essential oils give White Fox nicotine pouches their characteristic taste. This flavouring provides distinct mint flavours and a cleaner nicotine experience which many people appreciate.

Five thoughtful winners from White Fox nicotine pouches

The blue can - White Fox Slim All White Portion.
The blue can from White Fox nicotine pouches is what we call original. This is a classic mint flavour with a nicotine level of 16 mg/g, just like 4 out of 5 flavours from White Fox nicotine pouches. All five flavours in the range are made from a special fleece material that allows the nicotine and flavour to start being released faster but also more evenly and for longer. Fleece also makes the white nicotine pouches softer than nicopods made of traditional material.

The turquoise can - White Fox Double Mint Slim.
Behind the fox on the turquoise packaging is Double Mint, which has been twice as strong a mint flavour as the variant we talked about above. Here they have combined fresh mint together with menthol. Double Mint from White Fox nicotine pouches is a favourite with mint lovers who want the taste of mint to explode under their lips. The level of nicotine is 16 mg/g.

The green box - White Fox Peppered Mint Slim.
In the green can, White Fox nicotine pouches have created the exciting flavour Peppered Mint. In addition to cooling peppermint, they have also added spicy black pepper, a peppery combination to say the least. Because White Fox nicotine pouches use essential oils oils in their products, the flavours are really high quality, and the aromas of peppermint and black pepper are clean and clear.

The red box - White Fox Full Charge.
The Full Charge flavour in red can comes in extra large portions. While the other four flavours from the White Fox nicotine pouches consist of portions with a slim pouch, which is the most common among nicotine pouches, Full Charge has a larger portion pouch which holds more contents. Full Charge has the same nicotine level per gram as the above flavours, but note that these portions are larger, which means they contain more nicotine. Full Charge from White Fox nicotine pouches is based on mint and provides a sensation that is both burns and cools at the same time.

The black can - White Fox Slim Black.
The extra strong Black flavour from White Fox nicotine pouches is probably the most spectacular flavour from the brand. With its dizzyingly high level of nicotine at 30 mg/g, this is a flavour that stands out in the range. White Fox nicotine pouches have managed to bring a unique taste of dark tobacco to a product that is not at all contains tobacco. There is also an aftertaste of rose petals, and a smokier element that goes perfectly with the taste of tobacco.

Nothing beats Swedish snus

Snus has been produced in Sweden for hundreds of years, and when the nasal snuff developed into loose snus and put under the lip, it became immensely popular. It was Sweden that drove the development of snus, including white snus and tobacco-free snus. Today, almost all snus is made in Sweden and White Fox nicotine pouches are manufactured by the company GN Tobacco. The company is also behind famous brands such as Odens Snus, Siberia, Olde Ving and WOW.

The fox is a skilled hunter

What's behind the White Fox brand of nicotine pouches, we can only guess. I Sweden, the fox is a symbol of cunning and unreliability, and has given rise to the saying "cunning as a fox". The fox has a highly developed sense of sight, hearing and smell that makes it a a skilled hunter. Since humans became farmers and kept chickens as livestock, the fox outsmarted humans and sneaked into henhouses to snatch a chicken for dinner. Man and the fox have not been friends since.

The fox builds its nest, the den, with two exits so that it can sneak out the back way if a should a hunter discover its hiding place. When Swedes call a person "an old fox", they are referring to someone with long experience who knows all the tricks and cheats, and does not hesitate to use them. So what does the white fox say about you who snorts White Fox nicotine pouches?

White Fox nicotine pouches are not for beginners

If you smoke cigarettes with tobacco and want to use nicotine pouches to stop smoking the prospects are good, many people have been helped by this method. Remember that such a strong snus as White Fox nicotine pouches is not recommended for inexperienced snusers. If you are not used to strong snus or nicotine pouches, you should start using products with a lower level of nicotine, for example 8 mg/g. Test what works best for you.