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Here at, we have chosen to focus only on tobacco-free snus, which makes us experts in nicotine pouches. It is a product that has significantly increased in popularity and helped many worldwide to quit smoking. Our mission is to offer you the best tobacco free nicotine pouches on the market, and make sure you get fast deliveries wherever you are. Welcome to explore our large supply!
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FUMI Salty Violet Strong
VELO Royal Tea
ZYN Gold Mini Dry 6mg
ZYN Black Cherry Mini Dry 6mg
ZYN Gold Mini Dry 3mg
ZYN Black Cherry Mini Dry 3mg
Lyft Cool Air X-Strong
Lyft Just Bloom Strong
Lyft Barista Twist Strong
Lyft Cool Air
Lyft Just Bloom
Lyft Barista Twist
VELO Elderflower Spritz
VELO Creamy Coffee Mini Strong
Thunder Deep Freeze
Thunder Dark Frost
Thunder Frosted
Thunder Cool Mint
VELO Ruby Red
VELO Tokyo Zing Strong
KILLA Double Dutch Cold
VELO Tropic Breeze Mni
VELO Royal Purple Mini
HIT Apelsin Slim All White
VID Watermelon
VID Perfect Pear
VID Ginger Lemon
ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry 9mg
VID Coffee Caramel
VID Arctic Blast Strong
VID Violet Velvet
VID Fruit Fusion
VID Cooling Citrus
VELO Easy Mint Mini
VELO Ice Cool Mint Strong

Items 1-36 of 198

Set Descending Direction
Nicotine pouches for the beginner, for the licorice lover, for the experienced and for the adventurer - We have something for everyone! The range here at is one of the best on the market where each product is carefully selected and maintains a high quality. We work with well-known and established brands, but also with new up and comers that make nicotine pouches that you just can't miss.

Stop smoking with the help of nicotine pouches

Many companies that manufacture nicotine pouches have focused on creating a product that appreciated by people who wants to quit smoking. This is to promote public health and do so that fewer people are exposed to the harmful smoke that cigarettes entail. When you have a nicotine addiction and tries to quit smoking and experiences nicotine withdrawal, it is good to have nicotine pouches close at hand. This has contributed to nicotine pouches becoming incredibly popular.

People who have previously used traditional Swedish snus have also discovered nicotine pouches and find that they give a fresher feeling in the mouth, compared to snusing a product with tobacco in it. Smokeless tobacco products drips more and can discolor your teeth, but it can also pose a number of other risks.

When using smokeless tobacco products or combustible tobacco you are exposed to the dangerous substances found in tobacco leaves. Tobacco contains the addictive chemical nicotine, the substance makes you addicted but it is not the nicotine that is the most dangerous side effects. Research shows several long-term health effects when using tobacco products, such as an increased risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes. There are also a link between tobacco use and muscle and joint damage.

There are several different categories of snus and cigarettes:

  • Cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars containing tobacco and emitting dangerous fumes.
  • Loose snus, portion snus and chewing tobacco that technnically is categorized as smokeless tobacco.
  • Nicotine gums, oral nicotine pouches and lozenges that both contains nicotine but not tobacco.
  • Products that looks like portion snus but does not contain either tobacco or nicotine.

  • What are nicotine pouches?

    Another factor that has made nicotine pouches so popular is perhaps that it is a flavored nicotine product with great variety and much to discover. There are no limits to what so-called nicopods can taste, in addition, they are available in several different formats and with a variety of strengths. That said, there is something for everyone! Nicotine pouches are a product consisting of nicotine, flavorings sweeteners and plant based fibers.

    Since nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco, you must first extract the nicotine out the tobacco leaves. It is then added to the product which instead of tobacco leaves consists of plant fibers to create a perfect volume. It is important that the portion has the right size so that it lies nicely and discreetly under the lip. To know which format suits you best you need to try the different sizes mini, slim, super slim and normal.

    What does nicotine pouches taste like?

    After plant fibers and nicotine, it's time to add flavors, and it's just the imagination that sets the boundaries. Some brands have explored soft drinks when flavoring their nicotine pouches. Others have taken inspiration from the Swedish forests and flavored with everything from blackberries to black currants. For you who prefer the classic mint taste of your nicotine pouches we can recommend Ace nicotine pouches, they have several different flavors such as cool mint, eucalyptus and extreme cool in their range.

    If you want to check out brands that have experimented with their flavoring and have a lot to choose from, we can recommend LOOP, 77 nicotine pouches, ZYN, ON! and VELO. If you have used Swedish snus with tobacco and lack the specific taste of tobacco, there are options for you as well, such as White Fox Black Slim. There are also products aimed at real coffee lovers, such as ZYN Espressino, Swave Cafetini, VOLT Java Shake and Nordic Spirit Mocha. If you like coffee you will not be disappointed!

    What is nicotine replacement therapy, NRT?

    As an aid to quit smoking, there is a method called Nicotine replacement therapy. In some countries it is used in healthcare, and it has been seen giving results to people who want to quit smoking. The method is practiced in a controlled manner, you give the body a small amount of nicotine, which makes it easier to relieve abstinence nicotine that comes from quitting smoking.

    The aids commonly used in NRT are nicotine patches, chewing gum, inhaler, nasal sprays and lozenges. Nicotine pouches are not yet accepted in this method, but many feel that even nicotine pouches have helped them quit smoking. NRT is often used in combination with other behavioral methods. Consult a doctor if you have thoughts on this method.

    How strong are nicotine pouches?

    Regardless the reason you use nicotine pouches, it is good to keep track of the strength and the level of nicotine. If you want to replace traditional snus that usually has a nicotine level of 8 mg/g, it is good to choose a product with approximately the same strength. At we have clearly printed the amount of nicotine in the description of each product.

    To find nicotine pouches with the strength you are interested in, you can use our filter, where you can sort the products and choose between nicotine-free, mild, normal, strong, extra strong and super strong. The different brands also have their own way of showing strength on the cans. Often a scale from 1-4 is used which shows if the product is mild, normal, strong or super strong.

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