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Loop Nicotine Pouches

Loop Nicotine Pouches Loop Nicotine Pouches
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Loop Nicotine pouches do things differently

Loop nicotine pouches is a relatively new brand on the snus market. They started in 2019 with the drive to make things differently, and we agree that Loop nicotine pouches makes products that stand out and that inspire. They look good and taste amazing! The nicopods from Loop nicotine pouches are completely free from tobacco and come in different strengths, ranging from extra light to extra strong.

Loop nicotine pouches works according to three principles that permeate their work. To always do things they feel proud of, always doing what they think is right, and having fun along the way. With those principles to work by, it can only be a success. It certainly seems that way when you taste the products from Loop nicotine pouches. The range of flavours from the brand is something out of the ordinary. More on that below.

A launch that attracted attention

Loop is a new tobacco free nicotine pouch brand. When you are new in a market with many competitors, you need to do something that stands out. Loop nicotine pouches did just that when they launched a brand new flavour that no one had dared to launch before, namely Loop Jalapeno Lime. Nicotine pouches with the taste of jalapeno flavour was something that really caught our eye, but once we'd tried it we knew it was a winner.

Loop nicotine pouches initiative to offer users a strong spice in the pouches received a standing ovation which led to other brand doing the same. Today, it is not uncommon for to see cans containing anything from habanero to chilli. When you put a pouch of Jalapeno Lime from Loop nicotine pouches under your upper lip, a well-balanced taste of jalapeno immediately begins to release. After that, the tangy lime flavor comes in and forms a perfect combination, giving you a taste experience you'll never forget.

Loop Jalapeno Lime in different strengths

Jalapeno Lime from Loop nicotine pouches is available in different strengths. In addition to strong and extra strong, they have also developed an even higher level to meet the demand for really strong jalapeno. That's why Loop Jalapeno Lime is also available as hyper strong. These nicotine pouches have a nicotine level of 25 mg/g and are not recommended for inexperienced users. Extra strong contains 20 mg/g and strong contains 15 mg/g

Like most of the pouches from Loop nicotine pouches, these we mentioned above are in slim format. For those who want Jalapeno Lime in smaller portions, this flavour is also available as a mini. Mini has the same content as strong with a nicotine level of 15 mg/g, but because these portions have a smaller volume, the strength is much milder. We hope that you find a strength that suits you, and be careful not to choose a higher strength than you are used to.

Not just another snus factory

The company behind Loop nicotine pouches is Another Snus Factory, a new company with a long experience. The company is Swedish, based in Stockholm, and is represented in Oslo, Norway. Another Snus Factory is, as you may have understood, far from another snus factory. For example, they were early in the industry to use well-known faces to promote their products. MMA fighter Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson is one of several celebrities who helped promote Loop nicotine pouches.

A taste experience out of the ordinary

In the range of Loop nicotine pouches there are some really cool flavours to experience. How about Loop Mango Tango? This is an explosion of mango, lime and hot chilli. A real fresh combination with the sting and taste of summer. Loop Red Chili Melon is another successful mix of flavours. Who would have thought that a little chili would go so well with melon. Loop nicotine pouches knows a thing or two about pleasant surprises.

If you can't get enough of classic mint flavours, check out Mint Mania from Loop nicotine pouches. It's a really high quality mint flavour that comes in both strong and extra strong and mini. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, try the favourite Loop Habanero Mint. A hot habanero flavour cooled down by a fresh and refreshing mint flavour. Try it for yourself and experience this unbeatable combination.

InstantRush™-technology from Loop nicotine pouches

Loop nicotine pouches use what they call InstantRush™ technology. It means that the pouches are made in such a way that a quick nicotine release begins immediately when you place a portion under the your lip. The flavour is also released instantly and in a controlled flow to give you a pleasant and long-lasting experience of Loop nicotine pouches.

As if this wasn't enough, Loop nicotine pouches has developed the world's first environmentally friendly can for nicotine pouches. They call the can the PlantCan™ and it is made from 100% bioplastic derived from pine oil. The pine oil is also extracted from waste material from the forest industy. The can is recyclable and can be sorted as plastic, so keep the can in the loop and put it in the recycling when empty. This plant-based plastic has minimal impact on the environment, but Loop nicotine pouches have maximum taste.

A logo that changes shape

We also must mention the Loop nicotine pouches fantastic design. Loop nicotine pouches strives for a more sustainable, tasty and colourful world. Although their logo changes shape on all cans, you will recognize the cans by their creative ability. The two "o's" in Loop appears in different ways depending on taste. On the can Habanero Mint Ultra Strong, the "o" is replaced with two volcanoes, the Jalapeno Lime Strong has two skulls, and the Jalapeno Lime Extra Strong, two tennis balls.

Whether you like nicopods in light, light medium, medium or strong strength, we think that you will find a favourite in the wide range of Loop nicotine pouches. With their products, you'll experience portions that sit comfortably under your upper lip and with quality flavours and ingredients. Their range of hot spices such as Jalapeno and chilli are unbeatable and you should definitely try Loop nicotine pouches!