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Welcome to SnusMe.eu, the number one e-commerce for tobacco free nicotine pouches! We are here to make it easy for you to order snus online. In our wide range you will find Swedish snus and nicotine pouches of the highest quality, and we have all the brands you can think of. You can buy snus with us and have it delivered to as many as 28 countries. We are close to you, and once you have bought your snus can of choice you can enjoy our incredible fast deliveries!

We are experts in nicotine pouches

Today, more and more people choose to stop their use of Swedish snus, and switches to nicotine pouches. Under the category nicotine pouches you can read more about the advantages of choosing tobacco free snus compared to buying snus that contains tobacco. Since tobacco free snus is incredibly popular and right in time, we have chosen to sell only this particular product. It has made us experts in nicotine pouches!

Buying snus or nicotine pouches - what's the difference?

The Swedish snus is known all over the world, and for several hundred years it has been synonymous with finely grounded tobacco, water, salt and sodium carbonate. Both loose snus and portion snus has been incredibly popular through the ages but now the market looks differently. Those who start buying snus online today go straight to tobacco free snus, so-called nicotine pouches, instead of ordering tobacco products. You are more aware of your health and opt out of both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco which involves higher risks and can be carcinogenic.

Both traditional Swedish snus and tobacco free nicotine pouches contain a certain level of nicotine. However, Nicotine pouches can't contain any tobacco, therefore the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaves before it is added. For obvious reasons, the product does not get the classic taste of snus, but you always add one or more flavors. There is a plethora of exciting flavors to to choose from, everyone can find something they like, even if you want the taste of tobacco.

From Swedish snus to the next trend

Before nicotine pouches were launched on the market, there was Swedish snus in the so-called All White portions. The tobacco had been purified in a water based process and the result became a completely white snus. Many experienced this as a fresher alternative to traditional snus. This then developed into a white product that looked the same, but did not contained any tobacco. The LYFT brand, which today is called VELO, was early on with this when they 2018 launched its nicotine pouches. Since then, the interest in this type of product increased immensely among snus online.

Ordering snus online at Snusme.eu

We have extensive experience in distributing and selling snus online, and we know what you as a consumer demands when it's time to buy snus. It should be easy and fast - you are craving for snus! We have developed an e-commerce with high user friendliness where it is easy to order snus and find what you are looking for. We also hope to be able to inspire you to order snus that you might have not tested before.

Quick and easy to buy snus online

Our categories are clearly divided by brand so you can explore an entire range when you order snus. You can also use our filter to quickly find products that suits you. For example, you can filter by the strength and nicotine level you are looking for, or the format you like best. Then you only get options that meet your wishes. Click on the category nicotine pouches to get up our entire wide range, you will then receive six different strengths to choose from; nicotine free, mild, normal, strong, extra strong and super strong.

A wide range of snus online

We have one of the widest range of snus online when it comes to tobacco free products. With us, you will find both well-known and lesser-known brands when you order snus. One of Sweden's most famous company in Swedish snus is Swedish Match, they are behind brands such as General and Göteborgs Rapé. Swedish Match products are of the highest quality and they have several tobacco-free alternatives in their range; Swave, Volt, XR and ZYN. Maybe something to try next time you buy snus?

Well-known brands with Swedish snus

GN Tobacco is another major manufacturer of Swedish snus, they are best known for their brands Siberia and Odens. Their tobacco free alternative that you can find when ordering snus from us is called White Fox and is one of our most popular brands. Their products have a nicotine level of 16 mg/g and is classified as extra strong. They also have a product that is called White Fox Black Slim which has a nicotine level of as much as 30 mg/g, which means that it gets the label super strong.

The bestseller VELO is both classic and experimental

When talking about tobacco free snus, it is difficult not to mention VELO, the brand with nicotine pouches is an inspiration for other brands and always lies at the forefront when it comes to making coveted products. Today they are owned by the company British American Tobacco. From VELO you can buy snus with flavors from classic mint to Caribbean drinks. The range includes everything from the mildest to the strongest, which makes VELO a good choice both for you as an experienced snus user and for you who are going to order snus first time.

Among those who are not used to buying snus, there are many who appreciate pouches in mini format. VELO Mini is available in three different flavors, Royal Purple (12 mg/g), Tropic Breeze (12 mg/g) and Easy Mini with a nicotine level of 6 mg/g that suits those who do not want as much nicotine intake. Among the strongest variants from VELO are the Winter Chill X-Strong flavors and Freeze X-Strong, both of which have a nicotine level of 15.6 mg/g. Like many others brands, VELO has focused on making products that are appreciated by those who wants to quit smoking, and find an alternative that provides the same intake of nicotine but without the harmful smoke.

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