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Lyft Nicotine Pouches

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Lyft Nicotine Pouches are hotter than ever

LYFT nicotine pouches is a brand that enchanted, disappeared, come back, and surprised! We are happy to to offer the new LYFT nicotine pouches here at SnusMe and the world of flavors that this range brings. The products contain nicotine but are completely tobacco free. LYFT nicotine pouches gives you a really good nicotine experience and a pure taste sensation without dripping or discolour your teeth. They also don't expose you to the risks of tobacco. These nicopods are for people who like high trends, adventure and being where the action is!

LYFT nicotine pouches has a premium feel that you can take with you anywhere. These tobacco free nicotine pouches are high quality in everything from ingredients to packaging. The products come in different strengths so you can find something that suits you, whether you like extra light, light, medium, strong, and so on. The portions are made of a comfortable material that fits perfectly under your lip. For not to mention the LYFT nicotine pouches' perfect and refreshing flavours, they are both surprising and obvious at the same time. How about the combination of eucalyptus and honey?

The company behind the popular brand

The company that currently operates LYFT nicotine pouches is Fiedler & Lundgren of Sweden, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco (BAT), one of the world's largest tobacco companies. Fiedler & Lundgren has its roots in the company started by Samuel Fiedler in 1783 when the moist loose snus was becoming popular. In addition to LYFT nicotine pouches, Fiedler & Lundgren also has brands such as VELO and Lundgrens in its portfolio.

The journey of Lyft nicotine pouches

LYFT nicotine pouches have changed shape on a few occasions. They have their origins in Epok snus, a white snus that was a revolution in the market when it was launched in the late 1990s. White snus, or white portion as it is also known, undergoes a process of the tobacco being washed completely white, resulting in white pouches.

Portions of traditional Swedish snus had always been brown from the colour of the tobacco. A portion filled with this white content changed users experience and white snus was perceived as much fresher and modern. Later, a new product was developed in which the tobacco was removed altogether, and retaining only the nicotine first extracted from the tobacco leaves. This product was launched under the name LYFT nicotine pouches.

LYFT nicotine pouches have always been completely tobacco free, which has made the product popular with many people. Those who want to quit smoking, those who don't want to expose themselves to the risks of tobacco, those who appreciate something modern and fresh, yes the list of people who have appreciated LYFT nicotine pouches could go on and on. We were then told that LYFT snus would cease production and become the VELO brand, but now LYFT nicotine pouches are back and nothing makes us happier than that.

Both mint flavours and other aromas

The new LYFT nicotine pouches feel as premium and as trendy as ever. The can is minimalistic and already when reading about the flavour combinations a "must have" feeling is created. LYFT nicotine pouches have always been known for their high quality mint flavour. Previously their bestseller was called LYFT Ice Cool. Also in their new range is a very nice mint flavor developed from LYFT Ice Cool, which has become a favourite of many. And as you probably know, the competition of mints flavours is high in the snus market.

The mint flavour from LYFT nicotine pouches is called Cool Air and is available in three different strengths. This is really something you should check out if you like mint. Mint is a flavour that enhances the experience of the nicotine when you place a portion under your upper lip, creating those nicotine kicks that many people are looking for. Remember that nicotine is an addictive chemical so read the product description before ordering, and don't choose a higher strength than you are comfortable with.

Lyft Nicotine pouches Cool Air

The mildest version of LYFT Cool Air has a nicotine level of 8 mg/g. This compares to classic Swedish snus with tobacco, which traditionally has a strength of 8 mg/g. This strength we classify as normal here at SnusMe, and the doses from LYFT nicotine pouches with this strength are labelled regular. LYFT Cool Air X-Strong is its big brother and has a nicotine level of 15.6 mg/g. Otherwise, the mint flavour and slim format are the same.

After these two variants were released, LYFT nicotine pouches launched another product with the same mint flavor that is even stronger, they call it LYFT Cool Air Ultra Strong. Ultra Strong has a nicotine level of 20 mg/g. This is by far the strongest product from LYFT nicotine pouches, so if you're a fan of the brand and like strong stuff, then LYFT Cool Air Ultra Strong is the one to try.

Size and strength of Lyft Nicotine pouches

The vast majority of nicotine pouches from LYFT nicotine pouches are in the slim format. A well-developed and well thought-out size designed to fit comfortably and discreetly under your upper lip. In addition to slim, portions are also available in mini format. One of the flavours that you can try if you want a small portion size is LYFT Citrus Mint Mini.

In addition to the two strengths we mentioned above, regular and X-strong, LYFT nicotine pouches works with a strength in between called strong. Strong has a nicotine level of 14 mg/g. Whichever strength suits you best, LYFT nicotine pouches have several different flavours to choose from. LYFT Yuzu & Cactus is for the adventurous, or for those who already tried it all. These nicotine pouches taste like citrus and tropical fruit.

Discover an adventure of taste sensations

LYFT Eucalyptus & Honey is another flavour combination that creates exotic vibes. Eucalyptus is similar to mint, and together with the fresh notes of honey, it makes this flavour really nice. Eucalyptus can also be found in LYFT Cool Eucalyptus X-Strong, along with an undertone of pine bark. It's actually tastier than it sounds. This is designed to create an intense, cooling sensation.

LYFT Barista Twist has been influenced by the coffee culture and has a mild coffee taste with a nutty undertone. LYFT Just Bloom has taken it's inspiration from another beverage, cider. These nicotine pouches have the taste of flowers and an undertone similar to cider. Both LYFT Barista Twist and LYFT Just Bloom are available in two different strengths, regular and strong.