77 Nicotine pouches

77 Nicotine Pouches77 Nicotine Pouches

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77 Cola & Cherry Strong
10 Cans€44.00
77 Cola & Vanilla Strong
10 Cans€44.00
77 Peach & Mint Strong
10 Cans€44.00
77 Strawberry Strong
10 Cans€44.00
77 Tropical Mint
10 Cans€44.00
77 Forest Fruits Strong
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77 Raspberry Strong
10 Cans€44.00
77 Black Currant Strong
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77 Apple & Mint Strong
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77 Fresh Mint Strong
10 Cans€44.00
77 Classic Tobacco Strong
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11 Items

Set Descending Direction

77 Nicotine Pouches offers a strong taste experience

77 Nicotine Pouches makes high quality products, completely free of tobacco. The 77 Dark Series collection has a nicotine level of 20 mg/g and is classified as extra strong, which we will delve into.

The aromas in 77 Nicotine Pouches are something out of the ordinary. For example, try 77 Tropical Mint if you want to immediately experience summer chill vibes, along with a hint of fresh mint.

An innovation from Tobacco Concept Factory

Most companies that work with nicotine pouches comes from Sweden and have production in the same country. Many brands have been born out of companies that produce classic Swedish snus, and wants to offer products to those who want to quit cigarettes and tobacco. 77 Nicotine Pouches comes from Poland, which does not have a tradition of making products with tobacco. 77 Nicotine Pouches are innovation in the Polish market, and has a very high quality when compared to Swedish products from brands with significantly longer experience on the market.

77 Nicotine Pouches is the first Polish brand in nicotine pouches and they are manufactured in Poland. The company behind the brand is called Tobacco Concept Factory (TCF). This company was founded in 2003 and 2007 began to focus on its own brands in e-cigarettes and vaping accessories. It was in 2019 that they developed nicotine pouches completely free of tobacco, under their own brand 77 Nicotine Pouches. TCF's headquarte is in Kraków, where they also have a modern laboratory where their products are both developed and manufactured.

What does 77 Nicotine Pouches contain?

77 Nicotine Pouches are made with high quality ingredients, where the nicotine is extracted from premium quality tobacco leaves. TCF has many years of experience in qualitative flavoring, and to give 77 Nicotine Pouches their popular flavors, high-quality American food flavors are used. Before each flavor is launched on the market, they are carefully tested in TCF's modern laboratory. 77 Nicotine Pouches do not contain tobacco and therefore many people use it as medical nicotine, as an aid to quit smoking cigarettes.

Two collections from 77 Nicotine Pouches

77 Nicotine Pouches work with two different collections, one with a lower nicotine strength of 6mg/g and 12 mg/g. These cans are usually white, and there are flavors like Forest Fruits and Ice Mint. Here at Snusme.eu have chosen to focus on their second collection with a higher level of nicotine. The demand is greater for products with high nicotine levels, which is why we have chosen to broaden our range with strong products through the range of 77 Nicotine Pouches.

77 Dark Series

The strong nicotine pouches often come in black cans and are called 77 Dark Series. We will dive deeper into the products here, and we definitely think you should try 77 Nicotine Pouches if you like strong snus. All products in the 77 Dark Series collection have a nicotine level of 20 mg/g and are not recommended for inexperienced users. 77 Picotine Pouches have chosen to label the packaging with Extra Strong, and five checked rings symbolize the nicotine level of just 20mg/g.

Popular flavors from 77 Nicotine Pouches

77 Nicotine Pouches are really good at producing exciting aromas and provide impressive taste experiences. Both classic flavors of high quality, and more unique flavors that are difficult to find in nicotine pouches. Take for example 77 Classic Tobacco. Many brands have launched nicotine pouches with a taste of tobacco, but giving a product that is completely tobacco-free the distinctive taste of tobacco is not simple. 77 Nicotine Pouches may be the brand that has come closest. Velvety aftertaste and spicy notes leave no one wondering. What do you think?

Summer in a jar

Peach is not a common taste among nicotine pouches, 77 Nicotine Pouches, on the other hand, have used peach aromas and combined this with refreshing mint. Open a can of 77 Peach & Mint and put your nose down and the feeling of summer comes immediately, we promise. 77 Nicotine Pouches also have made another successful combination with mint, namely 77 Apple & Mint. A juicy and crunchy green apple meets fresh mint, it can not fail. If you prefer classic mint without surprises, check out 77 Fresh Mint, a refreshing mint in its purest form.

77 Nicotine Pouches are really good with berries

Do you love to explore new flavors? Then here are four fruity and berry flavors that you must try: Raspberry, Black Currant, Forest Fruits and Strawberry. They are not unique combinations, but here you feel the ability of 77 Nicotine Pouches to find the right aromas that are impressively similar to the source of inspiration. 77 Raspberry has a juicy natural taste of raspberries that takes you on a journey from slightly sour tones to sweeter tones while you have the portion under your lip.

77 Black Currant is the most unique flavor of these fruity varieties, it rarely appears as a flavoring on nicotine pouches. The taste of black currant is both sweet and sour, for you who are tired of classic mint flavors and want to try something new. 77 Forest Fruit is a flavor that 77 Nicotine Pouches have developed in all strengths; light, medium and strong. That says something about how popular this classic flavor of mixed berries and fruits is. 77 Strawberry is another popular flavor that tastes just like picking sun-ripened strawberries straight from the plant.

All the benefits of nicotine pouches

Like all nicotine pouches, the products from 77 Nicotine Pouches are completely tobacco-free. The all-white portions in the slim format lie comfortably under the lip and provides a discreet use. Since they do not contain any tobacco, they will not discolor your teeth. Many people experience a much fresher feeling when they use nicotine pouches compared to using classic Swedish snus with tobacco.

As we mentioned above, many people also use nicotine pouches when they want to quit smoking, for example 77 Nicotine Pouches. When switching from cigarettes to nicotine pouches, you avoid both the harmful smoke and the tobacco with its negative effects. But still get an intake of nicotine by putting a portion under the lip.

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