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KILLA Nicotine pouches

KILLA Nicotine pouches KILLA Nicotine pouches
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Great taste and high strength of Killa nicotine pouches

How about trying the watermelon, pineapple or XXL cold mint flavour? Killa nicotine pouches are very popular and especially known for their wide range of flavours. They are of course completely tobacco-free and each pouch has a very high nicotine content. If you want an even higher level of nicotine, check out the system brand Pablo nicotine pouches produced by the same manufacturer.

Killa nicotine pouches are also known as Killa pods and are manufactured by the Swedish company NGP Empire. The nicotine level is 16 mg/g and is classified as extra strong, compared to traditional snus with tobacco which usually has a nicotine level of 8 mg/g. The pouches are always in slim format, even the nicotine pouches marked XXL. Killa cold mint XXL extra strong is a product where each pouch contains 30 portions instead of 20 as is standard with Killa nicotine pouches.

Who are choosing Killa nicotine pouches?

You are not alone if you choose to use Killa nicotine pouches, it is a product that is very popular. When you buy Killa nicotine pouches you know what you are getting, the product is always of high quality and we can promise that you will not be disappointed. Their refreshing mint flavours always meet expectations, and their experimental flavours are always a positive experience. Killa nicotine pouches are for those who want a nicotine kick, and a strong and intense experience.

A smoke free and tobacco free experience

Killa nicotine pouches have many advantages over using cigarettes or snus containing tobacco. You only get discoloured teeth from tobacco, so you don't have to worry about this when you use Killa nicotine pouches. You also won't get the substances in tobacco that can have negative effects on your health. Although the nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves, the substance has undergone a process of purification and is completely free of tobacco. Only the pure nicotine is used and added to Killa nicotine pouches.

A pleasant experience with Killa nicotine pouches

The slim portion pouches fit perfectly under your lip and give you a pleasant experience of Killa nicotine pouches. They have a good moisture content that keeps the product from feeling too runny. The portion is made of cellulose material that is soft and comfortable against the lip, while being perfect for excreting flavour and nicotine. The Killa pod starts secreting flavour and nicotine immediately when you place it under your lip, and then gives you a steady flow for up to an hour.

What does Killa nicotine pouches taste like?

Let's talk a bit about flavours like pineapple, watermelon and blueberry. Killa nicotine pouches are good at coming up with experimental flavours that become real favourites. They manage to do both the expected and the unexpected, and it's easy to find new favourites if you haven't explored Killa nicotine pouches before. The great flavors are due in large part to the high-quality ingredients used in Killa nicotine pouches, which are natural flavors with the perfect balance of aroma and sweetness.

One of the most unexpected flavours in the Killa nicotine pouches range is Killa 13 extra strong slim all white. What can you expect from a flavour called 13? Imagine opening a classic energy drink that is well chilled and quenches your thirst on a hot day. Just the classic taste of energy drink, with a hint of mint you get when you choose Killa 13. These are nicotine pouches that refresh in several ways.

KILLA cola extra strong slim is another flavour where Killa nicotine pouches have been inspired by a refreshing drink. This time it's the flavours of a cold glass of fizzy cola that we experience when we put a nicotine pouch under our upper lip. This flavour really lives up to its name and is bursting with flavour and aroma. All packs of Killa nicotine pouches contain 20 nicotine pouches.

Several different flavours of mint

Like all good brands, Killa nicotine pouches has several different mint flavours to choose from in its range. All are at a nicotine level of 16 mg/g, but the flavours, spices and aromas themselves are composed in different ways so that you get different experiences from the different mints. Some you can choose from are Killa cold mint extra strong slim, Killa X cold mint extra strong slim and Killa spearmint extra strong slim.

The Killa cold mint XXL extra strong that we mentioned earlier is really popular because you get even more for your money. It's the same awesome mint flavour as Killa cold mint extra strong but instead of getting 20 pouches in the can, Killa cold mint XXL comes with 30 pouches.

The taste of tobacco - completely free from tobacco

If you've chosen to use nicotine pouches because you don't like the taste of tobacco, look out for Killa X cold mint extra strong slim. They have both mint and tobacco flavours. Here, Killa nicotine pouches have succeeded in producing a product with a good tobacco taste, even though the product contains no tobacco at all. Perfect for those who have used traditional snus with tobacco and now miss the classic taste.

These flavours from Killa nicotine pouches deliver what they promise and deliver above expectations. Imagine a piece of pineapple with nicotine or a nicotine filled blueberry, we may not be there quite yet but Killa nicotine pouches are probably the closest you can get right now. Some flavours we can recommend for those who like fruity and exotic flavours are; Killa apple extra strong slim, Killa blueberry extra strong slim, Killa pineapple extra strong slim, Killa melon extra strong slim and Killa watermelon extra strong slim.

The latter product is like a watermelon with a fresh hint of mint. It doesn't get more summery than that. Now you are free to try as many flavours as you like until you find your favourite in the Killa nicotine pouches range.