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Siberia All White

Siberia All White Siberia All White
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Siberia has taken the step to tobacco-free

If you have snused Swedish snus with tobacco in it, you probably know the Siberia brand. They are known for their extremely strong snus that is classified as one of the world's strongest snus. In 2022 the brand Siberia All White was launched, nicotine pouches of the same high quality and with an incredibly high nicotine content, but completely free of tobacco. The launch of Siberia All White made many of us incredibly happy. All Siberia lovers out there who want to give up tobacco can now continue to use their popular products and the strong nicotine kick, while avoiding the negative effects of tobacco.

Siberia snus is a Swedish snus that contains tobacco, and their strongest products have a nicotine content of 43 mg/g. It is therefore classified as one of the world's strongest snus and has become well known in all snus countries. For comparison, traditionally Swedish snus has a nicotine level of 8 mg/g. Siberia All White is the brand's completely free from tobacco and are also extremely strong. Siberia All White is available in three different versions, all with a high nicotine level of 33 mg/g.

33 mg/g is an incredibly high nicotine level in nicotine pouches, this is not recommended for inexperienced users. At 33 mg/g, Siberia All White beats even Pablo nicotine pouches at 30 mg/g. As you can see, Siberia All White is classified as extremely strong, as the doses are also labelled. These products give a nicotine kick out of the ordinary so be careful. Of course, Siberia All White also offers a really good taste experience and an awesome mint flavour.

Three different sizes of pouches

The three products from Siberia All White are Siberia -80 All White Super Slim, Siberia -80 All White White Slim and Siberia -80 All White Original. As you can hear from the names, the size of the the size of the pouch that distinguishes the three varieties. Siberia All White has been developed in three different sizes so that everyone can find the perfect size. With portion in original, slim and super slim, you can choose the nicotine pouch that fit best under your upper lip, so you can so you get the optimal experience in both feel and taste. Siberia All White is dry and provide minimal drip for an even more comfortable experience.

What does Siberia All White taste like?

One can of Siberia All White contains a total of 15g, and the same number of pouches for all three varieties. So whether you choose the wider original size portion, slim or super slim, the content and amount of nicotine is the same. So what do Siberia's nicotine pouches taste like? The taste is a perfect combination of mint and peppermint. The mint flavour is of high quality and balances out the high level of nicotine in the well. A portion of Siberia All White gives a refreshing and invigorating feeling when you put it under your lip.

A modern update from Siberia

Siberia's launch of completely tobacco-free products is like the beginning of a new era. There is a pre and an after Siberia All White. The new era is symbolised by Siberia through a completely new design on the packaging of the nicotine pouches. It is a modern and stylish design that we believe many people will like. After all, it's important how the can you carry with you everywhere looks. Siberia's distinctive font and the face of a bear have been retained, but the packaged in a graphic and modern way. We think it's really neat!

The face of a roaring bear is a symbol of Siberia. You don't really know if it's a friendly bear or a deadly bear, what you do know is that it is a really strong bear, just like Siberia All White. It is also known that the bear lives deep in the Siberian forests. Siberia is one of the coldest areas in the world that is inhabited by humans, and this place has been the inspiration behind the Siberia brand. During the winter, temperatures in the region drop to 40-50 degrees below zero. It is here in Siberia that the lowest temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere have been recorded. temperature of -71.2 °C.

Founded from Siberia Snus

Siberia All White is manufactured by the Swedish company GN Tobacco. It was founded in 2004 under name Snusab and then changed its name to GN Tobacco in 2009. The same company is also behind the Oden brand, which is also a brand that produces really high quality snus. quality. The products that Siberia has on the market that contain tobacco include Siberia -80 Xtremely Black White Dry portion and Siberia -80 White portion. Of course also the big seller Siberia -80 White Dry portion which is also available as Siberia -80 White Dry Mini and Siberia -80 White Dry Slim. Siberia White Dry has a spearmint flavour and a nicotine level of 43 mg/g. It is the product for which Siberia is best known.

Benefits of nicotine pouches

Here at SnusMe we focus on nicotine pouches and our range consists exclusively of products completely free of tobacco. More and more people are opting out of products with tobacco in them because they see negative effects of tobacco that they want to avoid. Consuming tobacco not only increases the risk of several types of cancer, it also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and other diseases. You also avoid effects such as discoloured teeth when you give up tobacco.

There are many reasons to choose Siberia All White. If you have previously snused a real strong alternative with tobacco in it, such as Siberia -80 White Dry, and wants to quit tobacco many people feel that the need for nicotine is still satisfied with Siberia All White. There are those who like the Siberia brand and want to try something new, and there are those who want to increase the strength of their nicotine pouches to get a stronger nicotine experience. Siberia All White is as strong as the brown bears of the Siberian forests, they are as refreshing as the cold climates, and the experience of Siberia All White is as extreme as Siberia is inaccessible. These are the nicotine pouches for those looking for something out of the ordinary, with extra everything! And remember, it's not for the inexperienced!