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FEDRS Nicotine pouches

FEDRS Ice Cool FEDRS Ice Cool
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Break the ice with FEDRS Nicotine Pouches

FEDRS Nicotine pouches is a company that doesn't want to be ordinary and runs the brand as cool and new. Their graphic profile and the design of the packaging are extra of everything. FEDRS nicotine pouches also do something that we know many of you love - extra strong products with really high nicotine content. Here at SnusMe you will find two different brands of FEDRS nicotine pouches, they are FEDRS Ice Cool and STRIPE. The products contain nicotine but are completely tobacco free, and we believe that this can be your new favourites!

FEDRS IOce Cool break the ice

Let's introduce FEDRS Ice Cool from FEDRS Nicotine pouches. They have built the brand FEDRS Ice Cool in three different strengths where we have chosen to offer you the strength that FEDRS Nicotine pouches themself calls extra strong. The range of Ice Cool are available in strong 30mg/g, extra strong 50mg/g and hard 65mg/g. FEDRS products in the Ice Cool serie has name as example FEDRS Evilberry Hard and FEDRS Mint Hard.

The flavours of FEDRS Ice Cool that you will find in our range have a nicotine level of 50 mg/g. These products are incredibly powerful and among the strongest you can find on the the market. They should only be used by people who are used to a high nicotine intake and are not recommended for inexperienced users. We offer three flavours of FEDRS nicotine pouches within the Ice Cool range, and these are Ice Cool Mint 8, Ice Cool Frost Cherry 8 and Ice Cool Frosty Grape 8.

Mint that enhances the strength

Mint is by far the most popular flavour of nicotine pouches in all categories. Mint has a refreshing effect and creates a fresh feeling. FEDRS nicotine pouches also have developed a mint flavour for the Ice Cool brand, because it's something you think of when you the name Ice Cool, it's mint. Here, menthol and peppermint have been combined for to create a truly refreshing sensation. Together with the 50 mg/g nicotine, Ice Cool Mint 8 from FEDRS nicotine pouches feels like an incredibly strong nicotine pouch.

Mixed with a bit of sweetness

If you want a flavour that's slightly sweet, try Ice Cool Frosty Grape 8 from FEDRS nicotine pouches. It blends the flavours of mint, grape and berries. The ice cold and refreshing mint flavour goes very well with the sweetness of the berries and tartness of the grapes. This is a flavour for those who appreciate grape juice that is both fruity and frosty. By the way, did you know that frozen grapes taste just like ice cream?

Ice Cool Frost Cherry 8 with the taste of frosty cherries is something for those who want a hearty mint and nicotine, while letting your taste buds experience another adventure. Ice Cool Frost Cherry 8 from FEDRS nicotine pouches has a fruity and balanced cherry flavour that is both deep and rich. There is also a sweetness in the aftertaste that reminiscent of cherry candy.

STRIPE from FEDRS Nicotine pouches

As we mentioned above, you can also find the brand STRIPE with us, also produced by FEDRS nicotine pouches. Although the strength does not reach the high level of 50 mg/g that Ice Cool offers, STRIPE has a bolder attitude. Here you can choose between two different strengths. Firstly, an incredibly strong nicotine level of 40 mg/g, which FEDRS nicotine pouches call extra strong, but also half-strength products containing 20 mg/g and called strong.

Extra Strong is twice as strong as strong

In our range you will find six flavours of STRIPE from FEDRS nicotine pouches. Three extra strong and three strong. You can see the difference on the packaging itself. The lid of of the strongest nicotine pouches is marked with "20" which stands for 20 mg nicotine in each portion, as each portion has a weight of 0.5 grams. The milder nicotine pouches (which are still very strong) then contain 10 mg per pouch and the lid is marked with "10". The three varieties with a nicotine level of 20 mg/g are Speed Up, Berry Madness and Snowflakes.

Three flavour sensations with high ambitions

If you feel like the turtle on the Speed Up can, this is the rocket fuel for you. The taste itself is just like a sip of energy drink. Take a Speed Up and find the hidden fury energy in yourself. The idea behind berry madness from FEDRS nicotine pouches is to capture and blow away all your negative thoughts. This sweet and slightly tart taste of blueberries will cheer you up in no time. Berry madness is said to recharge you with positivity and crazy creativity.

On the can with the flavour Snowflakes the god of love Amor from Roman mythology is depicted, albeit in a slightly rougher style with tattoos. Here he sits in the middle of a snowstorm and probably shooting snowflakes instead of love arrows. Snowflakes has a really good taste of mint and the nicotine pouches are loaded with passion and success in love. These three flavours with a nicotine level of 20 mg/g belong to the blue series from STRIPE, and you can distinguish the series by the label on the lids.

Extra strong STRIPE from FEDRS Nicotine pouches

And now for the really strong STRIPE from FEDRS nicotine pouches, the red series with a nicotine level of 40 mg/g. In our range here at SnusMe you can find three flavours in this series; Blizzard, Citrus Cloud and Frosty Vine. For Frosty Vine, FEDRS nicotine pouches have borrowed Amy Winehouse's face. And speaking of wine, Frosty Vine has a taste of sweet and delicious grapes, frozen and packed with mint. This flavor will make your knees shake.

FEDRS nicotine pouches describe the Citrus Cloud flavour as sassy and provocative. Here orange and vanilla ice cream meet in a unique flavour combination that creates a creamy explosion of citrus flavour. Citrus Cloud is for those who have tried everything and want to try something new. The Blizzard is for those who can't get enough of mint but found Snowflakes mentioned above seems a little too mild. With double strength, Blizzard comes up in a nicotine level of 40 mg/g and becomes a really strong and icy winter storm when you add the portion under your lip.

Smooth excretion of flavour and nicotine

The pouches from both FEDRS nicotine pouches Ice Cool and STRIPE are slightly moistened which means that the nicotine and flavour start to be released as soon as you place a portion under your lip. The content is released more evenly and the experience is even more enjoyable. All FEDRS nicotine pouches are in the slim format which is a very popular format that fits comfortably under the lips of most people. Please read the description carefully before purchasing FEDRS nicotine pouches to be able to choose a strength you feel comfortable with.