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FUMI Nicotine pouches

FUMI Nicotine Pouches FUMI Nicotine Pouches
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FUMI is taking over the tobacco-free nicotine pouch scene with out-of-the-box flavors and a range of nicotine strengths that pack the perfect punch for any enjoyer. As the manufacturer (The Snus Brothers) states, FUMI means "the perfect product," which they aim to achieve with superior quality and innovative combinations that break flavor boundaries in the market. These slim, all-white portions offer a unique treat with 45 minutes of lasting deliciousness while being a clean, fresh alternative to tobacco that are as soft and comfortable under the lip as they are tasty.

Discreet Diversion

Stay comfortable and low-key with FUMI. The extra discreet slim portions slide unnoticeably under the lip, and the plump, super soft pouch makes them a cushiony delight that's not too moist and not too dry. The glossy, sleek can design and catch lid for used portions further make FUMI as functional as they are enjoyable.


FUMI comes in four different strength and nicotine levels, offering anyone the best buzz they're searching for, no matter their preference. Choose from a wide range of strengths, including 4 mg/g for beginners or those looking for something lighter than average, all the way up to 16 mg/g for an extra punch. With more to choose from in a variety of flavors, anyone can find their optimal intensity and the ideal buzz they desire. Here at SnusMe we have chosen to focus on their stronger version due to the high demand of strong nicotine pouches.


No one does flavor like FUMI. With some of the wildest and tastiest flavors on the market, you're sure to find a combination that tickles your fancy and kicks your craving time and again. Our in-house FUMI flavors include:

  • Salty Violet Strong - Floral, fresh violet notes collide with subtly salty licorice in this unique and one-of-a-kind flavor.
  • Salty Blueberry Strong - Blueberry and salty black licorice are an unexpected yet perfectly complementary option for those searching for something new.
  • Salty Raspberry Strong - Salty raspberry is the perfect balance of sweet raspberry with a twang of salty licorice that leaves your mouth watering for more.
  • Icemint Strong - Traditional mint can't be beaten, but Icemint does it one better with a seriously strong, icy blow that instantly stimulates the senses, plus an extra-strong 16mg/g of nicotine for a frosty finish.
  • Spicy Cola - Nothing is more refreshing and delicious than classic cola flavor. Mixed with a hint of spiciness for an extra kick, Spicy Cola is the best pick-me-up for a midday treat.
  • Limonrazz - Think of summer and sunshine when the taste of citrusy lemon and lime fuses with sweet raspberries—this sweet and tart flavor gives the perfect balance for a refreshing yet tasty experience.

  • All-White Advantages

  • Maintain your pearly whites by staying away from the mess and teeth staining that comes from traditional tobacco products.
  • Keep things fresh and clean with a completely dry pouch
  • Plant fiber instead of tobacco in each pouch helps some individuals find relief and an easier way to quit tobacco.
  • A proven safer alternative to smoking that's aided many individuals on their journey to quit lighting up.

  • About the Manufacturer: The Snus Brothers

    The Snus Brothers combine their love for snus with their love of machinery. The two brothers, Kaj and Dennis, created their own line of snus from their garage back in 2014 by building a packing line that efficiently packed loose snus in portions. Their success grew from the garage to a small factory to today's large facility where cutting-edge machinery, a laboratory for testing new flavors, granules, and textures, and a full-scale industrial hall for mixing can be found. Now they produce over 50 brands of varying recipes, flavors, and nicotine strengths, serving small to large customers across the globe from their headquarters in Ödeshög, Sweden.

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