VELO X-Freeze Ultra All White

Regular sized nicotine pouch with a cooling taste of mint
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More Information

More Information
Snus/Nicotine Pouch Nicotine Pouch
Brand VELO
Type Nicotine pouch
Format Regular All White
Taste Mint, Menthol
Nicotine level 18mg/g
Content 18g
Strength Extra strong
VELO X-Freeze Ultra All White gives you the widely popular X-Freeze taste of mint and menthol, in full sized pouches!

The intense flavor of mint together with the nicotine strength of 18mg/g creates a fantastic experience for consumers who are looking for a classic mint pouch. The regular sized portions releases both flavor and nicotine faster compared to a slim slized pouch. VELO X-Freeze Ultra comes with 18 all white portions that sits very comfortably under your lip without staining your teeth.

VELO is manufactured by British American Tobacco and is to this day the most popular nicotine pouch on the market. Explore all flavors and variants from VELO here at
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