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Shiro Nicotine pouches

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Shiro Nicotine Pouches

Step outside the box and slide a slim Shiro nicotine pouch under your lip. Shiro, translating to "white" in Japanese, is as straightforward as its name—a tobacco-free, all-white nicotine product that simply delivers what you crave. With a range of flavors, strengths, and sizes, Shiro ensures you dive into a superior personalized experience.

Flavors and Strengths to Suit Your Fancy

Shiro makes it easy to find a flavor you're fond of and a strength that hits the right spot. With each flavor numbered, you can effortlessly choose and remember your favorites. Several sensational Shiro flavors are available on Snusme, along with a range of strengths, including low, medium, strong, and extra strong.

Each strength is shown on the can with a dot system, with one dot representing the lowest nicotine strength at 6 mg/g and four dots representing the highest nicotine level at 15.5 mg/g. Shiro is also available in Slim or Mini formats, with Mini pouches lasting up to 20 minutes and Slim pouches up to 30 minutes. The slender, airy pouch designs are ultra-comfortable, fitting snugly under the lip for drip-free, mess-free enjoyment.

Fan Favorite Flavors Available on Snusme

01 Fresh Mint Slim
Fresh Mint hits the spot with refreshingly sweet tones of spearmint that combine with a menthol kick that is sure to awaken the senses.

01 Fresh Mint Mini
The same spearmint flavor you know and love but a bit smoother and subtler. The mini size fits a bit more comfortably under the lip for more discreet enjoyment. Plus, a lower nicotine level offers an easy breezy sensation or a perfect starting point for beginner snus enjoyers.

02 Cooling Mint Strong Slim
Classic mint is sure to entice menthol-lovers looking for a traditional flavor that never fails to please. Cooling Mint comes in Strong for an upgraded kick of nicotine to superbly accompany the smooth peppermint.

03 Tingling Mint Extra Strong Slim
A classic combination that menthol-lovers will relish, Tingling Mint offers an extra strong hit of nicotine to accompany a peppery zing of sharp, icy mint.

04 Spiced Blonde Strong Slim
Come sail away with Spiced Blonde. This tropical flavor with a hint of spice takes you to warmer, sunnier places and leaves you floating blissfully with a strong hit of 14 mg/g of nicotine.

06 Sour Red Berry Slim
Cure your candy cravings with a berry-licious balance of sweet and sour. Sour Red Berry is the perfect blend of your favorite fruits and a tart and tangy aftertaste.

06 Sour Red Berry Mini
Same great berry flavor, with an easier fit under the lip—Sour Red Berry Mini makes it easy to enjoy your favorite sweet flavor while being a bit more discreet with smaller-sized pouches.

Advantages of All-White Snus

  • Unlike many traditionally messy tobacco products, all-white snus remains clean and dry, allowing you to maintain those pearly whites with unstained, fresh teeth.
  • Like Shiro, all-white snus pouches replace tobacco with higher-quality plant fibers that have helped many individuals quit their long-held tobacco habits.
  • All-white snus is a proven safer alternative to smoking that's assisted many on their journey to quit lighting up cigarettes.
  • About the Manufacturer

    Shiro originates from the famous Danish family-run business, AG Snus. With over 150 years in the game, they are truly specialists in innovation, creativity, and high-quality smoke-free products. Now, partnered with Philip Morris International, one of the world's largest corporations known for producing Marlboro cigarettes, they're able to access the latest technology and resources to make Shiro one of the best possible products on the market for long-time snus lovers and first-triers alike. Produced professionally at home base in Assens, Denmark, Shiro is shipped and enjoyed far and wide as one of the most popular all-white snus products around the globe.