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Original Portion

Everything you need to know about Original Portion

How the original portion is made, what are the benefits and what does it taste? These are some of the questions we answer below. In the world of snus, there are many different concepts to keep track of and read on to understand its significance. We also guide you in how you will find the right one at, so you can discover our assortment with original portion of snus. Here you get to know everything you need about original portion!
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Original portion since the 1970s

Loose snus is what has laid the foundation for all snus on the market today, and which created the Swedish snus tradition. It was during the 1970s that loose snus began to be packaged in portion bags, the product that was then developed is what we today call the original portion. Today there is also a drier type of portion bag, and to keep these apart, the dryer variant was named white portion.

When they started packaging snus in portion bags, the product quickly became popular with many snus users. Previously, only loose snus was sold on the market and then the only option was to shape a "prilla" yourself to the right shape and size, so that it would fit under the lip. When snus in portion bags were introduced, many saw the benefits of not having to bake yourself, and reduce the risk of smudges and spills.

Use the Filter to find

In order for you to find the right one among the large selection on, we have a smart filter function which you can use. When you click here in the category original portion, a range of choices appears: brand, format and strength. Using this filter function you can easily sort out the products you are interested in.

Lets say that you are looking for snus from General Snus that is made by the well known company Swedish Match, you then click in the box at General Snus under the button Brand. If you choose by format and normal strength, you will get four different variants of snus from General. This is the perfect tool that makes it easier to choose, because it's easy to get lost in all the great snus available.

The range at SnusMe

In our wide range everything from loose snus to tobacco free snus, so called nicotine pouches is included. We offer snus from all the well known brands on the market such as Nordic Spirit, Shiro, Siberia, Catch, Chainsaw, Odens, Offroad, Granit, Grov, Göteborgs Prima Fint, Röda Lacket, Göteborgs Rapé, Jakobssons, Kaliber, Kapten, Knox, Kronan, Kurbits, LD, Loop, Lyft and General G.3.

Different types of snus

Today, the original portion is the best-selling variant of snus, and if you hear anyone say “one regular portion snus ”, original portion is what they are referring to. You can divide all snus into four different categories; loose snus, original portion, white portion and all white portion. The manufacturing of the three types of portion snus differ slightly, and therefore the result varies. All white is a type of snus where the tobacco undergoes a purification process, this we won't go deeper into in this text.

The production of original portions

What distinguishes the original portion from the white portion is a step in the manufacturing process called post-humidification. Water is added to all original portions, and this is done after the snus has been packed in portion bags. Because the snus releases color during post-humidification these portions are brown.

Compared with white portions that are not moistened, the original portion becomes a more moist snus and contains about 50% water. The post-wetting of the original portion makes its surface feel slightly moist while a white portion feels dry. A portion bag with white portion holds white until you put it under the lip and add more moisture.

The content of these two variants is the same. The snus consists of four simple ingredients; tobacco, salt, water and seasoning. So even if the white portion has not been moisturized, they have moist content, but with a dry surface.

The advantage of original portion

The moisture in the original portion affects the snus experience and helps to secrete taste and nicotine immediately when the snus is placed under the lip. With moist original portions you get both a quick nicotine experience and a quick taste experience. The drier snus white portion takes a little longer to excrete taste and nicotine.

With a pouch of original portion, the taste and nicotine experience is not perceived as even as white portion, which can be perceived as a disadvantage. The snus also drips more because it is wetter, which is one reason why some choose the drier white portion instead.

This is original portion:

  • A brownish color
  • Quick taste and nicotine experience
  • Can have any taste
  • Can have any nicotine level
  • Can have any size

  • Size and format

    When talking about format, it is the size of the portion bag you are referring to. Generally available there are four different sizes on the market; normal, slim, super slim and mini. Some brands calls the largest portion large, but this is the same size as the one we call normal at SnusMe.

    The reason why the portions are available in different sizes is that everyone should be able to find a model that fits well under the lip. It is the feeling of having the portion under the lip that is affected by the size. A portion in size slim is a little narrower than normal, and often provides a very comfortable fit. Super slim is even more narrow and suits you who want the snus to be discreet under the lip. The smallest format is mini, these pouches are often used by unfamiliar snus users and those who do not want the snus to be visible under the lip.

    Original portion in normal and slim

    When it comes to just the original portion, the normal format is by far the most common. Here at SnusMe we also have some varieties available in size slim, including from brands such as General G.3, Xrange, The Lab and Siberia. Between the size normal and slim, the taste and nicotine experience do not differ significantly, even if there is a little less content in a portion of size slim. If, on the other hand, you start to go down to even smaller sizes, there will be a smaller area and smaller contents make the taste and strength not perceived as strong.

    Best selling original portion

    If you want to discover original portions, we can recommend some of our best sellers, three types of snus which are incredibly popular. General Original Portion from Swedish Match as we mentioned above is a favorite. Tones of tobacco, bergamot and herbs appear here. Nick and Johnny Americana is a bestseller with the strength level strong where you can discover flavors of cheery, wintergreen and cinnamon. Xrange General Slim in the slim format is also a really popular snus. Here, too, you can experience the taste of tobacco, bergamot and herbs.