Nordic Spirit Mint Strong

Slim all white portion with a cool taste of mint
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Snus/Nicotine Pouch Nicotine Pouch
Brand Nordic Spirit
Type Nicotine pouch
Format Slim All White
Taste Mint
Nicotine level 12mg/g
Content 15g
Strength Strong

The new All white Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint gives you the freshest experience to date, completely free of tobacco. The right amount of fresh menthol, along with sweeter peppermint, provides a perfectly balanced mint flavor. Salt and undertones contribute with Swedish snus character. Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint gives a quick kick followed by a long-lasting, stable nicotine delivery.

The mixture of plant fiber (cellulose) and chewing gum base contributes to a soft and comfortable feeling under the lip, while the portions taste longer. Furthermore, the soft and white portion bags drips less and do not color the saliva as usual snus. Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint comes in white boxes with Nordic design language. In short, a modern tobacco-free snus, which fits just as well at the party as at work.
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