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Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine poucnes are snus completely free from tobacco. They come in a big variety of flavours and strengths. They were invented as a tobacco free alternative to the classic Swedish snus.

You will find that Mint is the most famous flavour which comes in different versions like spearmint, peppermint and more, but you will also find flavours like licorice, melon, citrus, strawberry, coffee - You name it! The pouch most often comes in a slim format with the actual pouch being "all white" since it does not contain any tobacco. The strength can be anything from 4mg/g up to 32mg/g if you are looking for extra strong.

The manufacturers are today many and we cary all the famous brands at Lyft which is produced by British American Tobacco or White Fox from GN Tobacco to name a few.

You can shop using the Filter to select Brand and Strength.

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Ace X Super White Cosmic Cool Mint
Loop Habanero Mint Extra Strong
XQS Fizzy Cola Strong
XQS Pipe Candy Strong
XQS Black Cherry Strong
XQS Cactus Sour Strong
XQS Blueberry Mint Strong
Snubie X PAZ Chai Latte
Shiro Licorice Strong Slim All White
Swave Cafetini Slim All White
G.3 Nicotine Pouches
YOYO Stockholm Licorice Mint
Lyft Easy Mint Mini
Lyft Caribbean Spirit Strong
XR General Free From Tobacco
Ace X Super White Slim All White
Loop Salty Ludicris Strong
Loop Jalapeno Lime Extra Strong
Sirius Ice Cold Slim All White
Sirius Cold Classic Slim All White
Nordic Spirit Mocha Slim All White
On! Mint 9
Lyft Blonde Roast Slim All White
Lyft London Flair Strong Slim All White
On! Nicotine pouches 3mg
Nordic Spirit Elderflower Mini
Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Mini Strong
Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Mini
YOYO New York Mint
YOYO Havana Mojito

Items 1-30 of 120

per page
Set Descending Direction