Lyft Lime Strong Slim All White

A all white tobacco free snus with a strong taste of lime
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Snus/Nicotine Pouch Nicotine Pouch
Brand Lyft
Type All White
Format Slim
Taste Lime
Nicotine level 14mg/g
Content 16,8g
Strength Strong

LYFT Lime Strong is loaded with fresh lime taste, perfectly balanced between sweet and sour. You will noticed the added hints of eucalyptus, this will give Lyft Lime Strong the fresh minty taste you did know you wanted. Lime is not one of the standard flavors of snus so if you want to try something different then your friends this is a good one to choose.

The Lyft Lime Strong is one of the strong cans of lyft with 14mg/g nicotine for that nice kick. Like all lyft products this is also made from herb fibers found in the great forests of Scandinavia and is an all white tobacco free product. With it’s 24 nicotine pouches a can it will give you 24 good moments in life. Being a slim dry pouch it will give the best flavour release for that nice experience and perfect day to day nicotine kick.
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