Lyft Easy Mint Mini Slim All White

Slim all white mini portion with taste of mint and menthol
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More Information
Snus/Nicotine Pouch Nicotine Pouch
Brand Lyft
Type All White
Format Mini
Taste Mint, Menthol
Nicotine level 6mg/g
Content 10g
Strength Normal

LYFT becomes VELO. Lyft Easy Mint Mini comes in small discreet nicotine pouch filled with flavors of mint and menthol. The nicotine content in the portions is slightly lower, the portions contain 6 mg/g of nicotine.

Lyft nicotine pouches offers 2 different mini portions. Lyft Easy Mint Mini and Lyft Royal Purple Mini. Easy Mint Mini is perfect for you who are looking for a more discrete way to use nicotine pouches and wants to enjoy the fresh taste of mint and menthol.

Lyft from British American Tobacco is the most used nicotine pouch today. They offer a big variety both in flavors and strength, all the way from coffee to gin or licorice to sweet berries. Browse the full selection of Lyft at SnusMe here.
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