HELWIT Blueberry Slim All White

Slim all white portion with a sweet and fresh taste of blueberries
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More Information

More Information
Snus/Nicotine Pouch Nicotine Pouch
Type Nicotine pouch
Format Slim All White
Taste Blueberry
Nicotine level 9mg/g
Content 10g
Strength Normal
HELWIT Blueberry Slim All White has a sweet but also a fresh taste of blueberries. The slimmed tobacco free portions comes with a nicotine level of 9mg/g and provides a controlled release of both nicotine and flavor without giving too much drip.

HELWIT is a brand by Yoik and delivers classic flavors like Blueberry, Cola, Orange and more.

Declaration of content
Fillers (E460i), humectants (E422, E1520), water, nicotine, acidity regulators (E500), salt, flavour, mannitol (E421), sucralose (E955)
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