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Fast shipping

Competetive prices

Secure payments

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

Once you have registered, you may pay with MasterCard, VISA or American Expres. You may also pay by bank wire transfer if you prefer this.
To pay by bank transfer instead of credit card, please just choose this payment option during the checkout process. Once you have confirmed your order, we will send you an order confirmation to your registered e-mail address with all the essential information you need to make the bank transfer.
It will usually take a few business days until the payment reaches our account and we will activate and ship your order as soon as our bank has confirmed the payment. Please do not forget to add your order/reference number into the "payment purpose" or "memo" field, so we can match your payment with your order. It’s also important that you pay all bank fees at your end or else we will receive a reduced amount.
If we do not receive the full order amount, we will have to reduce your order with the equaling product value and an additional handling fee.
Unpaid orders will be cancelled after 14 days. If you are having troubles with your bank please contact the bank in question first, then contact us.

How secure is the credit card payment?

Transmission of card information is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer with 128-bit encryption). SnusMe will not store card numbers as the information is sent directly to our partner company Dibs. Dibs is an affiliate company of Nets and one of Europe's biggest credit card processors. When you buy from the online store, we will instantly bill your credit card with your order total. The transaction will appear as Setas Group on your statement.

How is the merchandise shipped?

Shipping costs are always included in the total price before you approve and pay for your order. Customs duties and taxes may be charged in addition, depending on the import and customs regulations that apply in the destination country. You are personally responsible for complying with those regulations and for paying any fees and taxes charged.

What shipping options do I have?

UPS Express Saver

  • Time of delivery: 1-4 days (delivery until the end of the business day)
  • Time & Transit
  • Online tracking

Swedish Post (PostNord)

Registered Mail:
  • Time of delivery: 5-10 days
  • Reference number
  • Prioritized from sender to receiver
  • Max 2kg
  • Insured shipment
  • Swiss Post

    • Time of delivery: 5-10 days (occassionally longer to international destinations)
    • No tracking
    • No refund
    • Max 2kg

    We cannot take any responsibility for your delivery when choosing this shipping method since this service do not comprise a reference number, tracking or insurance.

    Shipping damage

    Please check your merchandise immediately to confirm that nothing is damaged and that you have received the correct number of packages. If anything is missing from the shipment, please contact We are not responsible for loss, damage, or delay beyond the control of SnusMe. We do not issue refunds for returned merchandise.

    Taxes and duty fees. Import, customs, and freight

    SnusMe can not provide information about import and customs regulations in the destination country. As the person who ordered the merchandise, you are personally responsible for being informed about and understanding the import and customs regulations that apply to Swedish snus and other types of tobacco in the destination country and the rules related to payment of any duties/fees/taxes that may be charged. It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay for any applicable taxes and duty fees related to their purchase from this site.

    "Change of mind" Returns and cancellations

    As Swedish snus is a perishable item, we cannot accept "change of mind" returns or cancellations. If you contact our customer service before your order has been dispatched, we may be able to offer a full refund. If it has already been dispatched, we are unable to refund you. Similarly, we cannot refund you for returned merchandise.

    Registration problems

    If you have a problem registering, please contact

    Payment does not go through

    Please check that your card is valid (that the expiration date has not passed) and that it is a MasterCard, VISA or American Express. The expiration date is on the front of the card (good thru date/expire date), stated as month and year. The card number is the number on the front of your card (about 16 digits), which you should enter in an unbroken sequence (with no spaces).

    Do you accept Diners Club, JCB and other Credit cards?

    At this moment, we can only process VISA, AMEX, Mastercard and PayPal.

    Card declined

    Please check that you are using a valid card, that the expiration date has not passed, and that you have entered the correct card number in an unbroken sequence (with no spaces). The usual reason for this error message is that you have insufficient funds available credit on the card. This may be because you have exceeded the purchase limit of your card. Another reason may be that the connection with your card issuers bank is temporarily down when you try to pay. Please try again later. If the error message still shows up, please contact and we will find out why. Please give us a detailed description of what happened so that we can quickly localize the error. Please explain, for instance, what happened when you tried to order/pay, what page you were sent to, and any other relevant details.

    Invalid card

    Some card issuers do not allow their cards to be used for online shopping. Ask your card issuer if that restriction applies to your card.


    Refunds are managed by our customer service (

    No order confirmation received

    You may not have received an order confirmation for different reasons:
    Please check that you have provided a correct and valid e-mail address.
    Did you see a page with the text: "Thank you for your order. An order confirmation has been sent to your e-mail address"? If you did, the order went through and e-mail was sent to the e-mail address you entered.
    Your e-mail server may have been down when we sent our e-mail. Our mail server will try again, but it will give up after repeated failed attempts and you will not get your order confirmation as a result.
    Customers with Hotmail addresses may experience problems because Hotmail often puts a limit on how much data can be stored in the inbox. You may also want to have a look into your Spam-folder in case this Email was wrongly classified as spam.
    In case you still cannot find an order confirmation, please contact

    Order not received

    Please go to "My Account" in the main menu and log in with your user name and password for information about your most recent approved order. In case your order was approved and sent and you still have not received it, please contact, so we can resolve this issue with you.


    Wrong or damaged merchandise

    You must notify us of wrong or damaged merchandise within seven days. We will send you replacement merchandise if the damage was due to SnusMe. We do not replace merchandise that the customer ordered by mistake or compensate for any other kind of error, loss, damage, or delay that is beyond the control of SnusMe. We do not issue refunds for returned merchandise. In case you repeatedly receive damaged goods, we recommend you to select the shipping option UPS Express Saver, as these parcels are handled with a lot more care than Swedish Post registered letters or Swiss Post letters.


    Where can I get support

    If you have any questions about our merchandise and shipments or your order, please contact us at